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Relinquish A Pet

Thank you for your interest in relinquishing a pet to the Humane Society of Tulsa.  We know that often you may be needing this information because you have found an animal and have been unable to locate an owner, or have stray animals roaming in your neighborhood or workplace.  We commend you and thank you for caring about an animal in need!


The Humane Society of Tulsa is a private no kill organization.  Due to the fact we do not euthanize animals based on space, time, looks or breed and keep pets until a new home can be found – we are often at maximum capacity.


We deeply regret that we are unable to accommodate all of the daily requests we receive. 


For those that would like to request consideration of accepting a pet into our adoption program, please complete an INTAKE REQUEST FORM. We do require that you also submit a photo of the pet(s).


Completed Intake Requests will receive notification from us typically within three days.



PLEASE NOTE:  If you are law enforcement or need large scale emergency or disaster response, please click HERE.


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