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Adopt A Cat

We invite you to browse our pets that are available for adoption on this website or visit our facilities in person.  We always encourage people to visit in person with a dog or cat before applying to adopt them.  If you have concerns if a certain pet you are interested in will get along with any existing pets you may have, you are welcome to make an appointment to bring your pet to visit and have a meet and greet.  If you do find a particular pet online that you are interested in visiting in person, please call the Humane Society of Tulsa at 918-495-3647.  Calling is the best way to obtain the most current information as to the pet’s location and the status of their availability for adoption.


Once you are ready to commit to the adoption of one of our pets you will need to complete the Adoption Application Below


If your application is approved, you will be required to pick up your new pet within 24 hours.   This is so we can quickly fill the space with another homeless animal that needs to be rescued, often from euthanasia at a kill shelter.



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